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Flaming Wallet

Flaming Wallet
The Flaming Wallet
This wallet can be used as a day to day wallet as you can see from the photos.
It is split into two sections, 1 is normal for money, cards etc, and the other is pads on which you put lighter fuel to set it up.
As you open up the wallet (when you wish to perform the gag) you just flick the thumb flint which gives off a spark and off you go - it's alight!
I've found the lighter fuel is good for up to a minute before you perform the trick. You will need to but oughter fuel which is easy enough to buy from any good hardware shop.
This is not for sale to children, but it certainly makes them laugh when you perform it.
There are many videos on the net showing it working, and most of them are very similar to this one which is very good quality.

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