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I love magic and I know my audiences and pupils do too. Whether you enjoy trying to work out how it's done or staring in disbelief and what is seemingly impossible through to "real" magic which of course I can't tell you about. 
The earliest magic tricks can be traced back 5000 years to the classic cup and ball trick and then there's the Indian rope trick of course. 
Harry Houdini, although a famous escapologist, undoubtedly employed magic as part of his act and there are many names that you will know all of whom have their own slant on magic from Penn and Teller to Tommy Cooper and Dynamo. 
Whether you enjoy stage spectaculars or close up tricks with cards there is some kind of magic for everyone. 
Magic Colouring Book
Magic and More are pleased to stock 'The Magic Colouring Book'
This is the gag Eddie Redmayne did on 'The Graham Norton Show'.
This is an easy trick to perform and definitely comes under 'Easy But Spectacular' category.
You flick through the book, showing black and white pictures, then flick through it again showing colour pictures, and finally flick through it again and the pages are blank.
This comes with full instructions and you'll be doing it 30 seconds after you receive it.
Sword Through Neck
This is always a popular gag. Very easy to perform and immediately repeatable.
I have people lining up to have the sword pushed through their neck.
Any Queen Chosen
Magic and More are pleased to present a brilliant card trick which is simple to do but totally baffling to your audience.
With this set of cards a variety of tricks are possible. Here's an example - The magician places an envelope onto the table and claims 'There are four cards inside, each one is a Queen but only one of them is reversed'. A spectator is requested to name a Queen - free choice, no force - the cards are removed from the envelope and spread, the named Queen is the only one reversed (face up, while all other cards are face down). 'That was a one in four chance' the magician explains and then proceeds to repeat the trick. The same statement is made, any Queen is named, yet the outcome is always the correct. There are no outs, no sleight of hand and only four cards are used. What's more, this can be repeated as often as you like, the prediction is always correct and gets more and more baffling each time.
An excellent trick to stand alone or to put in with other card gags.
The Educated Duck
This product is currently unavailable
As used by Tommy Cooper!
This duck picks out a chosen card.
See video demo.
This can be done with any pack of cards and the instructions come with it, but we do send you a pack of Svengali cards to make it easy for anyone to do this trick as soon as you open it.
I have brought together a selection of magic tricks for you to buy through this website, either with or without instructions, for you to enjoy with friends, win drinks down the pub or to create your own magic repertoire. If you would like to know more about our magic workshops simply call us on 01234 241357 or click here to contact us 
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