Dagger Chest - Head Swords

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If you've always wanted to put daggers through someone's head, now's your chance. 
This lovely magic prop is so well designed you wouldn't believe it. 
You put someone's head in the box and then push 8 daggers through the box.  
What is remarkable about this, is that you can then pull up the front panel to reveal that the head of the person has disappeared and all they see are the daggers! 
You then replace the front panel, take out the daggers and reveal the head of the person perfectly untouched. 
This comes flat packed but is easy to assemble and it also comes with the dagger holder which always looks good on stage. 
Full instructions come with this, and just to let you know, you can use a 'victim' who has not been briefed..i.e. no stooge required. Best to blind fold them so they don't see what happens in the box. Secrets of the trade and all that jazz. 

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Designed and created by it'seeze